What are negatives of commencing a business in right now economy?

Question by mattsportz1: What are negatives of starting up a company in today economic climate?
im creating a university paper on how to persuade somebody NOT to start a organization in these days economic system.

i need to have some help

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Solution by James G
nicely heaps of startups are likely under now that the lately numerous ppl have started to protect up their income as a substitute of investing it like all other capitalistic nations

it all truly dpnds on what type of company you are planning to start… and in which you want to commence it

in huge cities a tiny organization are unable to compete with warehouse giants like Costco or Wal-Mart mostly due to the fact their costs are so reduced currently

there are a number of other reasons as properly but u gotta bo a lot more certain with your quesiton srry i cant support significantly

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